How to Make Your Own Ding-preventive Products

Prescription For Parking Lot Paranoia

You care about your Bimmer… park away from everybody out in the middle of nowhere… Trudge through rain, sleet, snow, blinding heat just to avoid the inconsiderate idiot that would park next to you and leave a blemish on that beautiful BMW’s body!

Unfortunately, there are a few times that you must park in a congested area. With a prayer and a wistful look over your shoulder, you leave, only to be plagued with terrible thoughts until you return to see if any damage has been incurred.

There are a number of ding-preventive products on the market, most of which are excellent. However, they tend to put a ding in your wallet, too.

Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to make your own.

Beg, borrow or buy two good, old-fashioned wooden yardsticks from your favorite paint or hardware store and four rectangular magnets (approx. l” x 3/4″ x 1/8″ or slightly larger). Paint the yardsticks any color you please, perhaps to match your car’s finish. Adhere a magnet to each end of the yardsticks with any of the “superglues” on the market. Cover the exposed surface of each magnet with a piece of electrical or duct tape to protect the finish.

You now have two anti-nick sticks, one for each side of your Bimmer. They may tend to slide down a freshly-waxed finish, but, other than that, they’re really effective, easy to stow, and can be positioned for maximum protection in just a few seconds. Ah, inexpensive peace of mind!

Author: Stan Simm


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