18 Most Common Rust Points on BMW 2002

The following list and graphic outlines the most common 18 areas/points on a BMW 2002 that incur rust.

  1. Area around front indicator lamp
  2. Rear of front wing, adjacent to the door
  3. Underside of heater box.
  4. Door outer skin.
  5. Rear subframe mounting under the rear seat.
  6. Inner lower door frame.
  7. Right hans side of the petrol tank.
  8. Inner rear wheel housing around the upper damper mounting.
  9. Spare wheel well.
  10. Rear spring upper mounting (lower section of box).
  11. Rear outer rear wheel arch.
  12. Front of rear wheel housing (end of sill box).
  13. Rear of sill.
  14. Floor pan above the chassis rail.
  15. “A” Post (door hinge post).
  16. Inner front wing strengthener panel.
  17. Front panel.
  18. Side of the front panel behind the headlamps and in front of the inner wing.

BMW 2002 rust points


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