BMW Engine Oil Cooling System, Fuel, Manual and Automatic Transmission Capacity

Engine Oil Cooling System Capacities

Engine oil (renewing filter)4.25 Litres9.03 US pints7.5 Imp pints
Cooling system7.0 Litres7.4 US Quarts12.3 Imp pints
Manual Gearbox
Long extension type1.25 Litres2.64 US pints2.20 Imp pints
Universal 232 type & 5 Speed type1.4 Litres2.94 US pints2.52 Imp pints
Automatic transmission4.65 Litres4.9 US Quarts8.2 Imp pints
Final Drive (Differential)0.9 Litres0.95 US Quarts1.6 Imp pints
Fuel Tank
1500/160055.0 Litres14.5 US Gallons2.1 Imp Gallons
All other models46.0 Litres12.2 US Gallons10.1 Imp pints


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