For those of you looking for some extra watts out in front of you on a dark night, try this. Grote Manufacturing Company makes chrome housings that mount easily with bumper brace brackets on the front of any 1967 through 1973 BMW 1600/2002/tii. A little more work mounting them is required for 1974 BMW and newer 2-liter cars.

The same holds true for the Bavaria, BMW 530i, and BMW 320i models. The housings, part number 64021, go for around $12 each. The bulbs which this housing holds are all highbeam-size units you would find in a four headlight setup. I use the 4537 aircraft landing lights, costing about $8 each, but the lighting chart shows the large number of bulbs which can be used.

BMW Auxiliary Light Guide

Bulb #VoltageWattsColorPowerHorz.Vert.Use
441212.835clear11,000 - -auto fog
sae J-583
4412A12.835yellow8,800 - -auto fog
sae J-583
4413R12.835red20080i20iauto signal
441912.835clear1,600 - -trapezoidal tractor
4419X12.835clear3,000 - -trapezoidal tractor
442012.830/30clear23,000 - -m/c headlight
443512.830clear45,0006i5iauto spot sae J-591
443612.835clear60,00010i4iauto spot
4436A12.835yellow10i4iauto signal
4436B12.835blue -10i4iauto
4436R12.835red9,00010i4iauto signal
452213.0250clear290,00012i10iaviation landing
M S22241

The housing is also available in a gray enamel if you wish to paint it to match your BMW. Part number is 64011.

The bracket you would want for 1967-1973 2-liter cars is 43065. The rest of you, you’re on your own. Any auto parts store will have Crote catalogs, Yankee or Superior lighting catalogs which will have all manner of brackets you could make use of. The only real disadvantage I see in these lights is that they are not very theft proof, although you could double-nut them and the brackets and even safety wire them as a deterrent.

Although I did not list them, there are also similar bulbs available for those folks out there who have 6 volt BMWs. I would be very much interested in anyone who hooks up the 4420 lights and has them working with the high-low switch for the regular headlights.

Author: Joseph Chamberlain