BMW 2002 Modifications – What Are Your Best Tips?

I added a poll to the site a while ago posing the question how BMW 2002 enthusiast prefer their ride – From full EOM stock to Fully modified. Here are the results.

BMW 2002: Stock or Modified?
Stock (the way BMW designers intended)
Slightly Modified (I prefer some custom upgrades)
Heavily Modified (Can't race no other way)
Frankenstein (Making it all it can be!)

Please comment your thoughts on what you feel are the best modifications a BMW owner can make to their BMW 2002.

It can be anything based on cost (best bang for the buck), improving performance or exterior, or a better daily driver experience.

If there’s an article of the site that matches a recommendation, feel free to link to it – or link to any other sources you think will help others.

I greatly appreciate everyone who took part in the poll – it’s still running.

Happy driving!

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  1. Shawn Kampmann

    Best 2002 mods:
    E12 ported head; 9.5 or 10:1 Mahle pistons (0.20mm overbore); schrick cam (choose duration); dual Webers (.38, .40, .45); K&N; Stahl header; 2.25″ exhaust; Bosch electronic ignition; Behr radiator; 320i 5 speed OD; 3.68 LSD; 320i vented disc brakes; strut & sway bars bars front & rear; lowering progressive rate springs; Koni or Bilsteins; 195-60-14 wheels, sticky rubber…Great hi-performance, reliable, sport modified street setup.

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