Bavaria replacement battery

I recently had need to obtain a battery for my 1973 Bavaria. The high cost of original battery replacement is prohibitive; however, my BMW dealer had an American replacement, reasonably priced. Since it was an emergency and the dealer is some distance away, I decided to look around locally.

All Bavaria owners have been warned that just about all American batteries are about one-half inch too high, and the round bar that goes across the hood will crush the filler caps in the middle of the battery when you close the hood.

I replaced mine with a “K-Mart” Maintenance Free #24 F battery which has no filler caps because it is permanently sealed. I believe that it is a good battery and cost $40.00. It is guaranteed for as long as you have it in the car in which it was installed. It is a full, no pro-ration guarantee.

I suggest you check the top clearance carefully in case there is any variance in clearance among Bavaria. I assume that other maintenance Free batteries which have no filler caps would also fit.

Author: Wallace A. King


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