BMW Six Cylinder Tips

If you have moisture and crud collecting at the mating surfaces of the head and the block, retorque the head bolts in the proper sequence (see owner’s manual), according to the technique described earlier in these articles.Surging, along with a wildly jumping tach, can mean a worn vacuum advance plate, points, or distributor cam.

A starter noise which generally presents itself as you let off the starter switch may be easy to fix. Remove the starter and clean the Bendix (sliding gear which pops in and out to engage/disengage the flywheel) with BrakeKleen. A small amount of high temperature grease on the shaft may also help. The problem is associated with failure to disengage from the flywheel due to dirt or general crud on the shaft, preventing easy sliding of the starter gear.

On the 2500, the oil cap and gas cap interchange in an emergency.

If your air conditioner continually throws belts or makes noise, check the bushings on the mounts. Worn-out bushings cause the pulley to run at an angle and throw belts.

When replacing the thermostat, don’t lose the rubber ring on which the thermostat sets. In order to bleed air from the coolant system upon refilling, there is a screw on the thermostat housing (see owner’s manual). Have the engine running with some throttle when doing this. Squeeze hoses to remove air.

If you have the power steering pulley and the water pump pulley on the same shaft, look out for water pump failure as this will overload the water pump shaft.

Sears Foreign Auto Parts catalogue carries a carb kit for the Zenith 35/40.

Finally, if your headlight relay should fail and leave you without lights, switch the wires to the horn relay it will work. One case where it’s “better to be seen than heard.”

Author: Bob Gotshall


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