Ingenious Use For A Mattress Pad

Having a love affair with your BMW 2002? Here are some ingenious uses for a mattress pad:

  1. Stored in the trunk, it makes an excellent ground cloth for emergency under-car repairs and helps keep luggage from shifting and possibly denting rear sheet metal.
  2. It can cover the rear seat when you want to haul a dirty load too large for the trunk.
  3. It makes a good picnic blanket
  4. It can be used as a blanket in cold weather
  5. In a first aid situation, to treat for shock.
  6. It might even smother a small fire.

Now that the secret is out, your man may just 8° out and buy a couple of new ones for himself. Beat him to it!

Author: Peggy Simm

Great idea. Just be sure to remove any metal snaps or clips. Tech Ed.

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