Simple Tip for Keeping Track of BMW Hardware Pt 2

Are you like me and have a fear of not remembering which bolts go in which hole, or worse ending up with an extra nut or two? Sneak into the kitchen before your next afternoon under the shade tree and “borrow” some of those empty cottage cheese containers saved for leftovers. Tupperware works fine too but expect an explosion upon discovery! With a notebook and masking tape you can write down the order in which you removed the bolts and put them in a labeled container.

Author: Dud Larsen
25 California Court
Victorville, CA 92392

Good idea. Our Senior Editor, quite paranoid about ending up with extra nuts and bolts, tapes the pieces to a hunk of cardboard, along with location, order of removal, and size and length of bolt. All bolts and nuts have their threads cleaned’ before they go back, too. Tech Ed.


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