How To Get Out-of-Stock BMW Parts From Your Dealer in 3-4 Days

Have you had problems getting BMW 2002 parts lately? I will try to remove the cloak of mystery about BMW parts availability as it concerns you and your local dealer.

The dealerships are on a regular two-week cycle to replenish normally stocked parts. From the time a dealer orders parts until they arrive in this area takes about 2 weeks (BMWNA has a staff of only 20 people in its parts dept. in Montvale, N.J. to fill parts orders.)

Suppose you must have a part immediately if not sooner because your Wonder car is not drivable (you snapped a drive shaft or something else very exotic), and the dealer does not have the part in stock. In this case the dealer should phone in the parts order to get it along its way ASAP.

A request of this type should be honored without any fuss. But, suppose you need a center logo for one of your wheel covers (again not in stock — dealers cannot possibly stock one of every part). It would be unreasonable to expect a dealer to special order this part. The reasons are simple. Dealers do not get as much discount on special orders (30% vs. 40%), and they also have to pay the freight that BMWNA now pays on regular restocking orders.

If you must have your wheel cover logo sooner than normal ordering will permit, let me suggest this — offer to pay for the part in advance and also (maybe) pay the freight. You should get the part in 3-4 days by UPS.

Finally – any time you need BMW parts be sure to have the car serial number should there be a question about a part fitting a particular model.

Author: Phil Williamson


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