Homemade Bike Rack

First of all, having lost my $800 Calnago due to a tailgater, I no longer use bumper-mount racks.

I was none too happy with the roof and trunk bike mounts available. I checked the pro-model racks available from Europe and while they were superior to the U.S. items, they were expensive and the bike was very solidly mounted to them so that when you hit a bump, the jar was transmitted to the bike.

My brother and I ended up designing our own bike rack. We made a few of them and sold some to our friends.

We used Load brackets available from L. L. Bean, (Freeport, Maine 04033).

Part number 6494D is what you want, $18.50 for a set of four.

You will also need a couple of 2x4s, some carpeting, and 1/2″ by 8″ aluminum dowel rods.

The Load brackets attach to the roof drain gutter and have soft plastic at the mounting points to prevent marring and scratching.

Measure the length of 2×4 you need, then drill the holes and tap in the dowels — epoxying them in place.

Bolt the 2x4s to the Load brackets, affix the carpet, and attach the bike.

If two or more bikes are carried, you will need to make “C” brackets,

Author: K. T. Wilhite, Jr.

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