Harry Seidel’s 1967 BMW 1600

I have owned many 2002’s (too many to count really) since buying my first — a used 1969 BMW 2002 in 1973. Incidentally, that car was purchased from Michelle Pitteau (I brutalized that spelling for sure) of Circle Tire in Natic, MA. Michelle was one of the BMWCC founders way back in the day.

Attached is a photo of my 1967 BMW 1600.

My (4) children have gone to college and as the economy allows, I hope to give the 1600’s interior and bodywork the deserved attention that is required after all these years. I have done the body once, extensively, but that was 20 years ago now.

Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Gene Underwood? he was the Cedar Rapids, Iowa BMW service manager in the early 70’s, also a Formula V racer, the engine builder and former owner of this car. In essence, this car was his baby.

I purchased the car in 1976 and while the car was absolutely stock with the exception of slightly larger than stock Borrani wheels, the motor was seriously modified. It was set up much like the 1800 TiSA motor pictured in the recent Roundel (top of page 77) with dual Weber 45 DCOE sidedrafts, Alpina racing pistons, Alpina race cam,a big air box with horns at the ends and a special Underwood built distributor. I have tried my best to keep the motor as is although its now got a Tii distributor and the air box is in my barn as I could not replace the rubber sleeves from the Webers to the box when they cracked years ago.

Harry Seidel 1967 BMW 1600

Harry Seidel 1967 BMW 1600

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