For a while now, my brother has been telling me about this auto part supplier he found online. He’s purchased parts and gives them two hardy thumbs up. Even with returning parts he says it’s been a really fast and easy process.

Whenever the discussion arose, we were always talking about his car so it never even occurred to me that they might sell parts for our classic BMW 2002’s. Dumb thinking I know, but there are very few places that cater to older vehicles—classic or not. Which, of course, is why I started a list on the BMW parts suppliers page.

So earlier this evening my brother sent me an email with the link to Autohaus Arizona. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to select “1972” and “BMW” from the search drop down menus. And lo and behold, they carry parts for BMW 2002!

In fact, they look to carry parts for BMW model 2002, 2002 Cabriolet, 2002tii, 2800, 3.0 Bavaria, 3.0CS, 3.0CSI, and the 3.0S. Granted, that’s just the listed models (see below) for year 1972.

1972 BMW Models

Here’s a list of BMW models they carry parts for as listed on their BMW Parts page — pretty impressive.

BMW Models

Anyway, my brother is pretty picky about auto parts so recommendations don’t come lightly.

As for the “new” part, Autohaus has apparently been around for 25+ years so I guess this means that they’re just “new to me”.

Good luck in your hunt.