Case Study for BMW Website Redesign

Ryan Scherf, a web designer and developer with an obvious good eye for recognizing quality automobiles, made an excellent observation that “The BMW website and experience is in serious need of a major redesign”. In Ryan’s words, “BMW builds exceptional cars; therefore their website should also be exceptional and have the same level of detail that is put in to every single car. Where are the smooth curves, wood grains, leather and shiny metal that is expected of cars? The quality of the BMW website should match the quality of the cars.

Ryan makes a great point. And he didn’t just leave it at that. Ryan took some initiative to propose a redesigned website for BMW.

Ryan Scherf proposed redesign for BMW website

Proposed redesign for BMW website

You can read his full case study on web archive website here or download a PNG file of the post.

As a BMW enthusiast yourself, what are your thought on the BMW experience? Should BMW step up their efforts and create a more engaging experience for their fans?


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