BMW Unveils New Interface for Apple iPod

WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J. – BMW has announced that it is introducing a new Interface for Apple’s iPod that will allow for seamless integration of the popular digital music player into the newest BMW vehicles including BMW 3 Series Sedans and Sports Wagons.

The new BMW Interface for iPod will also be available for the new M5 Sedan and M6 Coupe. The new iPod interface is compatible with SIRIUS satellite radio and the newly introduced HD radio. Users can take their whole music collection with them and plug directly into the sound system without having to lessen their driving experience in any way. The original BMW iPod Adapter will continue to be sold for BMW 2002 and later models.

The former was the world’s first seamless integration of the iPod into the sound systems of any vehicle. The new interface will also allow users to sort out their own playlists, by artists or songs or choose from the random 500 songs in the user library. This new feature is compatible with all iPods having a dock connector. These include the iPod Nano and the fifth generation iPod.

The new interface will be available for customers to buy at BMW outlets from July, but the pricing has not yet been announced. BMW is one among many automotive companies including Audi, Volkswagen and Honda to have integrated the iPod into the vehicle’s sound system. Apple Computer has estimated that more than 5 million vehicles will have iPod features in the United States by the end of this year.


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