BMW 2002 Reference Books and Photo Guides

Quick note to everyone who is currently restoring their BMW 2002 (which means just about everyone who actually owns a BMW 2002).

Just added a new page to the site listing some BMW 2002 books and photo reference guides that might help make your restoration project go a little smoother. My two favorites are both written by Mike MacCartney; “BMW ‘02 Restoration Guide” and “The BMW 2002: A Comprehensive Guide to the Classic Sporting Saloon. Which is why they’re listed as the top two on the list.

The info is provided through Amazon, so if you want to get some more details, the links will shoot you over to their site. And if, by chance, you do order a book, I’ll make a tid-bit off the referral sale which can help to keep 02restoration alive and kicking.

Good reading. Happy motoring!


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