Here’s a little unknown auto theft prevention secret to protect your BMW 2002.

After many past and proven failures of electrical sensors and auto alarm gadgetry (or gimmickry), I have found Fuel Loc, purchased from Classique of Brookline, Massachusetts, to be an efficient and inexpensive means toward safeguarding an otherwise expensive investment in my BMW 2002 against theft.

This unique little device is an electrical fuel solenoid valve switch that installs in-line on the fuel line in less than an hour. The valve, left in a closed position and owner-activated by a switch, prevents fuel flow to the carb. The amount of fuel left will allow about a minute’s worth of idling time, scarcely time to go anywhere. The Fuel Loc may be mounted in the trunk, out of sight and relatively inaccessible to the would-be car thief.

Though I concede it is impossible to completely guard your BMW 2002, or any car for that matter, against break-in and theft, at $29.95 Fuel Loc is an efficient anti-theft device — the next best thing to dropping anchor or hiring armed security guards.

Author: Kenneth Mickiewicz