Professional Car Washing Tips

Help keep your prized BMW 2002 looking great.

Professionals understand the critical value of each of the following car washing tips.

  1. Washing:
    Removing loose contaminants on the exterior of a car.
  2. Cleaning:
    Removing bonded and embedded contaminants, blemishes and oxidation that washing cannot remove.
  3. Pure polishing: (not waxing)
    This is the key step for restoring rich, vibrant color with sparkling, swirl free high gloss. Beware: not all products labeled “polish” are truly polish. Some are abrasive and some are waxes.
  4. Protecting:
    Applying a barrier coat of tough waxes, silicones, resins and/or polymers on top of the finish to repel contamination and oxidation.
  5. Instant Detailing:
    Removing the daily accumulation of surface contaminants (i.e. fallout, diesel exhaust, over spray, hard water spots, tree sap, bird droppings) the instant they are discovered, before they have time to bond or tech into the finish.
  6. Tree Sap Mist
    During Spring and Summer trees release tree sap mist. Unlike droplets of sap, tree sap mist can travel for blocks before landing on cars. In addition, your car does not necessarily need to be parked directly under the tree! It’s impossible to avoid, yet easy to remove when if first lands.

    Important Car Washing Tips

    • Do Not use dish washing detergents because they strip off protection and accelerate oxidation.
    • Only wash your car when the paint surface is cool and in the shade to avoid water spotting. Start cleaning at the top of the vehicle and work down.
    • Before washing, rinse the car with cool water to remove or soften any grit, sand, bugs or bird droppings.
    • Wash one section of the car at a time, then rinse with plenty of water to remove any soap film.
    • Soft water is best since it does not leave behind any mineral deposits.

    Author: Bimmer Newsletter of the Boston Chapter


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