How to Give Your BMW 2002 a Gloss Like Shine

Want to give your BMW 2002 a gloss-like shine? I bought the Poly Glo Seal advertised for $30 and here are the results.

On good paint expect a deep glass-like shine. On faded paint it’s better than conventional waxes, but you still better opt for that paint job. As for its claim of 1-3 years protection sure, just like Liquid Tire chain will get you out of snow and you don’t need wipers with Rain-X. After. 3 months it’s time to polish your BMW again. It does give a car several years old with good paint a brand-new look, it wipes off effortlessly and there-is enough for 6 polishings.

The stuff is made by Chematic Systems in Port Jervis, N.Y. and it might cost less if bought direct.

Author: Barry White
Worcester, Mass.


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