BMW 2002 T-shirts

Hot Blond Girl Wearing BMW 2002 T-shirt Over the last couple years I’ve received a lot of requests to sell the BMW 2002 t-shirts I’ve designed.

Thanks to CafePress print-on-demand service where they take care of everything – including shipping – my T-shirt Store is up and running with two designs available.

The first is a design featuring the original BMW 2002 paint colors and the second is simple, clean illustration of the ’02 front grill.

The shirts are fairly priced (I only make around $1-$2 per shirt) and the extra money helps pay for website hosting.

By the way, the ’02 design on the girls shirt is another t-shirt design I’ll be putting up soon but I would love to have your feedback or requests for what colors you’d like to see?

Please visit the store here Thanks!


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BMW 2002 T-shirts

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