If you would like to improve on the installation of your Fuzzbuster radar detector in your BMW 2002 try this.

Don’t waste your money on the $5 bracket Fuzzbuster sells, but opt for the $12 one, with suction cups.

  1. Put the suction cups on the arm which swings, stick them to the window in the center of the dash
  2. Drill a quarter-inch hole in the base of the bracket, about a half-inch back, centered on the end which does not have the two plates perpendicular to the base.
  3. Put a half-inch self-tapping screw through this hole.

One can still adjust the angle of the Fuzzbuster, but it remains stationary. It can still be easily removed.

As an aside, if you have a rattling noise in your Fuzzbuster, just install a noise suppressor, available for less than $5.

Author: Joshua Weinstein

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