Nine Quick BMW 2002 Buying Tips

Here’s a few quick tips of what to look for when buying a BMW 2002.

  1. Under the front on each side are box shape chassis rails that run through the engine compartment to the underneath of the car. These should be solid.
  2. Check the seals each side under the car, use a hammer in case they covered with an underseal giving the impression that there okay.
  3. Remove the spare wheel in the boot and check the floor is solid. Also while in the boot check the suspension turrets.
  4. Check inside the car for damp and wet carpets. Lift them in the foot wells and once again check the floor pans are solid and not full of holes. Check inside bottoms of doors.
  5. See if there’s any history and a current MOT. Check mileage with any old MOT’s and History the lower and genuine the better. Cars without a current MOT are worth £400 Max.
  6. Take it for a test drive, check the brakes work (Tii’s have servos these are not cheap to replace). Make sure you get it upto Temp and it doesn’t over heat.
  7. Check the oil isn’t milky, this means the head gasket has blown.
  8. Chrome trim and interior should also be a sign of bad abuse and wear.
  9. Lux models came with wood trim, velour seats, tinted windows, delay wash wipe and a few other goodies.

All cars are prone to rust, most of the mechanics and cosmetics are cheaper to replace than the structure. Trust me I’ve been there.

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