BMW 2002 Buying Guide

BMW 2002

BMW 2002

A special thank you to Richard Stern (Chairman 02 Register, BMW Car Club (GB) Ltd. for providing one of the most comprehensive and useful buying guides we have seen. Extremely thorough and very well written. Absolutely a “must read” for any BMW enthusiast looking to buy a BMW 2002.


  • BMW 2002 History: (1966-1975)
  • BMW 2002 Bodywork
  • BMW 2002 Fuel Systems
  • BMW 2002 Engine and Transmission
  • BMW Suspension and Brakes
  • BMW Wheels
  • BMW Trim and Interior
  • BMW Electrics
  • BMW Performance Modifications
  • BMW Driving
  • BMW Specification
  • What should I pay?
  • BMW 2002 Pricing
  • Conclusion
  • Typical Parts Prices
  • Additional Resources

The content of this 9-page buying guide can be viewed by simply sharing this page using one of the below options or you can download it as a PDF (see option at bottom of page). Thanks!


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  1. marty

    very informative site and they have done there bmw 02 homework, i will have to say, that if your new to bmw 02`s, then take the time to print this info here, i know that this is all true and from knowledgeable bimmer people! you can trust what they`re sharing here. marty bmw 02 owner for 28 years. and still loving the feeling. the 02 gives me.

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