About 02restoration.com

02restoration.com is a work-in-progress, informational blog dedicated to the love of restoring BMW 2002s.

Why? Well, the short answer is because I love '02's. The long answer is because ever since I purchased my 1972 BMW 2002, I have spent countless hours scouring the Internet for information on one thing or another. Sometimes I found what I was looking for; other times I came up empty-handed. Then I ended up spending even more time on the phone trying to find an answer to whatever question I had at the time. And the whole time, I was wishing I could find ONE place that could help me easily find what I was looking for.

How this site dedicated to restoring BMW 2002s got started:

When it comes to 2002's there are a lot of websites out there—good ones filled with photos and information on how to do, or fix just about anything on your BMW 2002. After countless hours of surfing, searching, and downloading I realized I had accumulated a ton of information—but it was still unorganized and took way too much time to sift through it. So began the long task of organizing it.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered a great open source structure for content management. I realized this would be a great way to organize this information while helping to give back to the BMW community who had helped me so much over the years. And so 02fanatic.com was born.

It's been four years since 02fanatic.com started. And although it is a great site with over 400 registerd users and a huge gallery of BMW 2002 photographs, it is a bit unweildy. Therefore, the decision was made to use a simpler system to post technical and restoration tips. The other great advantage of using a blog for 02restoration.com is that each restoration tip doesn't have to be considered as written in stone. If a user has a better way of accomplishing the same task, they can simply add their comments. Think of it as an interactive knowledge base.

The Goal of 02restoration.com

This site is intended to help build an even stronger community for fans of the BMW 2002. Where enthusiast from across the globe can share information with each other on many levels, with the primary focus on finding that information quickly and easily.

The BMW 2002 tips, technical information, and restoration tips found on this site is a compilation of information gathered over the years. When available, credit and links are given to the contributing author. Otherwise, credit bylines will be marked as "Author: Unknown".

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you find 02restoration a useful resource.

Happy motoring!