I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting their BMW 2002 painted and would like to save themselves a lot of money in labor costs to do the following for a quality paint job:

Tips for Painting your BMW 2002

  • Remove interior panels, and take off all upper and lower trim pieces.
  • Remove all upper and lower trim from fenders, hood, quarter panels, trunk lid, and chrome trim around windows.
  • Remove front grille, front and rear bumpers, all reflectors.
  • If your window gaskets are old, remove your 1/4 panel windows & rear window
  • Once at the shop, remove tail lights, license plate assembly, wiper blades, door handles, outside mirrors and front window.

(If you need to replace any parts, be sure to check out our list of BMW parts and parts suppliers)

Doing the above will prevent over-spray and will allow for a quality paint job.

I did this to my 74 2002 when it was repainted three years ago (in original color, Sahara). After repainting, I invested in new upper and lower trim, and window gaskets from Bimmer parts. I put all the parts (except front and rear window gaskets, auto glass shop did that) back on my self and saved a group of money in labor costs.

Take your time to do it right. You have to look at your car for a long time and the extra effort is worth it in the long run.

Please do paint your car in the original color -- you won't regret it.

Talk to local BMW shops, find out who they recommend for quality paint jobs, talk to other BMW owners for recommendations. For a quality paint job, don't expect to get your car back in a couple of days, allow at least a week. Take your time and do your homework.

Email me and I will give you some recommendations in So Cal where to get your car painted -- they are not cheap. Remember if you live in southern California, the weather isn't a factor to get your car painted in a hurry. Don't worry to much about the paint now, worry about getting the BMW 2002 mechanical's in order first.

Author: Gordon